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Delivery Charges/Discount/Delivery Time/Conditions/Location/Cancellation
“Just in Time Delivery of Daily customized needs”
We are here to make you lazy!

Terms & Conditions
1. Product types: a) Water, b) Milk, c) Vegetables, d) Fruits, e) Groceries, f) Medicines, g) Newspaper, h) Any other things (if available & feasible)

2. Customization: Subscription Order can be updated before 4 hours of working time from delivery, not possible during transit, unplanned Order can’t be updated during transit.

3. Anytime*: Subscription Morning shift: 7:00 am to 9:00 am; Evening shift: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, unplanned Orders: between 7:00 am to 11:00 pm within 45 min of order placement Working Days: 24*7, Our business days include public holidays and Sundays. 

4. Anywhere*: Unplanned Orders Delivery Charges/Pick & Drop Service Charge as per Delivery Location: Rs 20/- within 1 km, Rs 30/- within 2 km, Rs 40/- within 3 km, Rs 50/- within 4 km, Rs 60/- within 6 km  

5. Anything*: Available; feasible products only

Best Quality at Cheapest Price Guarantee: We source products from multiple vendors; make sure that the product is of high quality at cheapest price possible & available in the market! For daily product wise best deals refer


Exclusive limited availability :

Limited period offer: JGI is providing 50% discount on delivery charges. To get this offer use promo code JGI50 at the time of placing order/delivery.

Late Delivery
Delivery charges and time may vary with each seller in case seller deliver via own delivery boy. 
*No delivery charge for late delivery (delivery beyond promised time)

No delivery charge will be taken, if the products reaches late (as promised by the auto calculation depending upon pick & drop locations & product nature) in normal situations except in bad climatic conditions & huge traffic.
** But we also promise for free delivery if your products are late to arrive at your doorstep and are delivered beyond the promised time.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Our errand boys are there for your help even in the adverse situations such as rainy days, heavy traffic, product unavailability, or any other inconvenient days.

Delivery Charges

Delivery Charges
Vendor Tariffs
Service Charge3.40%3.30%3.20%3.10%3.00%2.90%2.80%2.70%2.60%2.50%2.40%2.30%2.20%2.10%2.00%1.90%1.80%
Net Tariff1703304806207508709801080117012501320138014301470150015201530
Tariff hike/10K0160150140130120110100908070605040302010
Net Service Charge1.70%1.65%1.60%1.55%1.50%1.45%1.40%1.35%1.30%1.25%1.20%1.15%1.10%1.05%1.00%0.95%0.90%
Daily Free Value (Upper Cap)100002000030000400005000060000700008000090000100000110000120000130000140000150000160000170000
Water 20L Can (max 10%) No limit without discount offer20406080100120140160180200220240260280300320340
Big Volume-Heavy (max 5%) No limit without discount offer246810121416182022242628303234
Any others (Any product of >=500 will be considered only of 500/-850017000255003400042500425004250042500425008500085000850008500085000850008500085000

Delivery ChargesVendor PlansCustomer Plans
Vendor OrderCustomer Order
Local Logistic PlanUnsubscribedSubscribedUnsubscribedSubscribed
Minimum Order<=
Delivery Charge (Rs)1628364081418302010020100
Net Delivery Charge (Rs)81418204791510501050
Water 20 L Can/Restaurant Food/Any Heavy Product Service Charge101010101010100000000
Net Water 20 L Can/Any Heavy Product Service Charge55555550000000
Rain/Huge Traffic Charge5252
Distance Charge /extra km after 1st 3 km5252
Rare Product (Non-JGI listed products) Charge5252
Big/Heavy Product Charge5252
Category Charge/extra category after 1st 2 category5252

Transport-Pick & Drop Plans
<=1 KG<=5 KG<=10 KG<= 20 KG<=50 KG<=100 KG>100 KG

Delivery Time

Our errand boys generally procure and ship the items within the limited time specified on the product page. To make sure your order will arrive on time, always check the shipping details located on the specific product page.

We promise to provide your items at your doorstep within an hour. (provided the products selected are easily available and are from one particular store and also covering within 1 km radius)

45 min* (If the products selected are easily available & are from 1 store & within 1 km radius)

Our promises are not meant to be broken. But the time provided may extend considering certain circumstances such as:
Estimated delivery times depends on the following factors.
- the seller offering the product 
-availability of the product to the seller
-the destination of shipment and the location of the seller.

For sure delivery happens asap, following time limits are at most, 

Delivery Time (>=45 min)
Store Nos.12345678910
Delivery Time102030405060708090100
Distance (km)12345678910
Delivery Time102030405060708090100
Adverse Circumstances (Heavy Rain/High Traffic/Pick Hours)30
Unavailability/traceability (JGI-Non Listed products)30
Scheduled DeliveryOn Scheduled Time (beyond above time consideration)

Cancelling the products during transit is not possible.
If cancelled due to unfavorable conditions we are sorry to charge you the total product and delivery amount if the products are non-reusable. Double the delivery amount if the products are reusable and returnable.
Other than that if you trust us we will be loyal to you and will always be there for your lazy days.

Delivery Location

We are presently available all around Kalyani Nagar, Pune; HSR Layout, Bangalore and Patel Nagar, Delhi and coming soon across the globe.
Process Flow


Vendors: We have bonded up with all the online and offline stores for their delivery in local areas as a local logistics.

Logistic Partner: Local Logistic

JGI offers the wide range of delivery options to suit your needs. All deliveries will require a signature.

Separate delivery for Non-Veg items. There is separate delivery for non-veg items.

Careful Delivery for fragile & Liquid products. Our errand boys take due care for fragile and liquid products.

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