Thursday, 19 May 2016


Wait is over now people!

As the name says “JustGetIt”, we are here as a team to deliver the goods & services at your doorstep in the blink of an eye.

"We provide Amazing Logistics Solutions - "JUSTGETIT"


Hassle-free home delivery for all your needs.

The idea we started as “JGI” to sort out the problem that we are facing everyday while waiting for the water can when we are thirsty; Waiting in the queue when we were tired or in hurry, getting disappointed by not finding the product we are looking for at a supermarket in our busy schedule.

The purpose is to save our precious Time & Money. These days, time is more precious then our money. Why to waste time in unwilling shopping when JGI is here for you; if we can do something productive instead of waiting in queue or getting disappointed or not getting the product/service exactly when do we need?

Why to wait for the product/service if we can get it immediately at the best possible and available deal (in terms of quality, cost, discount, delivery) at our doorstep. Now , really the wait is over! No more waiting, No more disappointment, No more confusion, No more Ads, in short No more Time Waste. Because JGI is here to help us to Just Get It!.
So, here what we do exactly, The moment order is placed, our work start, There is a chain of organised people supported by Customer Care, Business Intelligence and Logistic Team who value your precious Time & Money.

1. Pick the product from the store nearby at the best possible & available deal.

2. JGI eco friendly refundable bag packing and storage as per the product quality

3. Carried to your doorstep by our Logistic.

4. Payment received to round-off value to avoid delay in payment.

5. Excess/Short (+/-) payment is updated to you JGI wallet by JGI Customer Care.

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